Our Story

My name is Harriet Bremner and I am behind the brand 'GURT AND POPS’ LTD and author of the recently released children's book 'Bob n' Pops'.
I am 30 years old and until recently I have been a school teacher in the Waitaki Valley district and farming in the Hakataramea Valley alongside my partner, James (Bob).  My book, 'Bob n' Pops' has come from a place of great sadness due to James' life being tragically taken earlier this year in a farming accident. To honour his memory this book is written about a very special man and his most loved farming companion - a miniature dachshund called Poppy.
The story is based around friendship and how in life if we surround ourselves with the best people and friends we can achieve anything, no matter how 'low our tum' or 'short our legs'.
My illustrator, Dana Johnston has portrayed Bob and Pops brilliantly and we hope reading this story gives you and your little ones great pleasure.
I have set up my business as Gurt and Pops because James used to call me Gurt and our sausage dog is called Poppy. It has always been a dream of mine to have a business of my own and write my own picture books. Since James has passed I have come to realise how short and precious life really is and that if we have a dream we must embrace this and have a go at achieving it. Through setting up my business I am persuing this dream and hope to encourage others to do the same.
I want to create products that go hand in hand with my book and future books that are enjoyed by the children who use them. As a teacher, I know that a book bag is extremely practical and necessary for children to keep their books in one place! If the children can relate to the character on their book bag (Poppy) then they will take great care of it as it will mean much more to them than just any bag.
Children really enjoy decorating their bedrooms and I feel that a Poppy pillowcase, poster, and activity book are the perfect addition to the book on their bookshelf.
My ultimate aim is to make Poppy a household name who is talked about by children all over New Zealand and further because of the positive messages she sends children about friendship, love and loyalty within the books. Poppy and I want to make sure that all children can learn how to make the most out of everyday through reading her exciting stories. I want to ensure that with all the increase in use of technology that parents and children alike make time to sit down and enjoy reading time together as this is crucial in the interactions we have with our children on a daily basis. I believe that all children should have a bookshelf that is full of wonderful stories and adventures that helps to trigger their untouched imaginations.
Turn the page in my Bob ‘n’ Pops book and follow their journey now and into the future and get ready for the best quality reading time with your child!  
Remember this:
"Everyday aim to achieve great things. Don't wish away tomorrow, instead - live, love, laugh and embrace the moment"


Harriet (Gurt) and Poppy (Pops)  XX  


The Lady Behind the Colour... Introducing Dana Johnston!

Dana Johnston - Creator, Artist, Dream Maker

Nestled in the Haka Valley, South Canterbury, you will find Dana, a raw talent, happy amongst her animals while she creates timeless pieces of Art. 
Dana and I have formed a partnership and bond together through combining our passions of art and writing to create individual children's books that bring the characters to life. Through our close work we have been able to bring out the best in each other and produce three books that we are proud of.
Bob 'n' Pops
Bob 'n' Pops Colouring and Activity Book
'Be Safe, Be Seen!' 
I also want to thank Dana from the bottom of my heart for helping make my dreams come true. I cannot recommend Dana highly enough due to her amazing work ethic and fun loving personality and I look forward to all of our adventures ahead! 
Harriet and Pops xxx